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Video display of Water bike 03

Video display of water bike

Xue Ming - High performance Waterbike,  Are you a big waterbike ,pedal boat or kayak fan?
    If you have used a pedal boat, then you will love the Xue Ming brand waterbike. Xue Ming waterbikes and pedal boats are very similar in functionality, but Xue Ming has superior speed and technology to those of pedal boats, the advanced ergonomic design of the Xue Ming waterbike. The hull of waterbike is made of import materials, the overall prototyping. The Xue Ming waterbike is very stable and durable . You can ride it in one wave. Xue Ming waterbike have been tested for use by young and old , men and women . It is interesting to play . If you are looking for an exciting to way to get exercise or you just enjoy a leisurely Xue Ming waterbike stroll out on the water, Xue Ming is right for you. Xue Ming waterbike is great for fishing, exercise and leisure. It is a good facility. It is a partner in doing Aerobic exercise.
If you a far- sighted investor, to purchase Xue Ming waterbike is a good investment. because it can use many years .
List below are some key feature of the Xue Ming waterbike.

1 patented technology and the advanced ergonomic design of the Xue Ming waterbike
2 low carbon, environmentally friendly, and no pollution.
3 stable and comfortable
4 good corrosion resistance ,and all parts is made of the Aluminum and Stainless steel
5 it is easy to ride it 
6 it is convenient to install and remove
7 lightweight , car friendly for easy transportation and storage
8 human powered 
9 long life
10 suitable place : beach, water park ,water playground and river



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